Bikes Unlimited (inc.) was formed in 1975 when a group of motorcyclists called a meeting to fight the unrealistic laws that governed the licensing of custom motorcycles in Western Australia. The group formed and achieved many forward steps in this area, as well as helping to promote the cause of motorcyclists in general. This has helped over the years to create reasonable and workable guidelines in the building of such vehicles, as well as worked toward the promotion of friendship amongst all motorcyclists and created a greater public acceptance within the general community of motorcycling as a recreational activity.  

One of the things that helped the efforts of Bikes Unlimited in gaining serious recognition for the aims of the club, was their idea to start the running of the annual “Perth Bikers’ Charity Ride”. Not only did the ride assist them in their aims, it also became and still is an extremely popular event every year on the first weekend of December.

Its popularity has enabled the event to generate in excess of over $2million worth of donations toward the Salvation Army’s Christmas Appeal, over a period of 40 years. All donations are generated by the generosity of the riders’ who attend the Ride, however there have been increasingly more donations from the general public over the years as well.

The Ride has grown considerably over the years, becoming more popular with motorcyclists of all backgrounds and the general public. What started with around 60 bikes grew to several hundred and then a couple of thousand. In past years the Ride has been able to boast an attendance of around 5,000 motorcycles, which is a considerable portion of the Western Australian motorcycling community. Riders travel from all parts of WA to attend the Ride and it's even been known to include participants from other states.

The first Ride consisted of around 60 motorcyclists who headed off to Sister Kate’s Orphanage with toys for the children. Unfortunately their good intentions were to no avail, as many of the children had gone for Christmas and there were very few children there to give the gifts to. The Club reassessed the situation and decided to concentrate their efforts on providing for the Salvation Army’s Christmas Appeal. This tradition has carried on to this day and the 2015 Ride celebrated 40 years of caring by Bikes Unlimited and the Perth motorcycling community. Western Australian Bikers are very proud they have the longest running event of its kind in Australia.

The sight of up to 5000 motorcyclists travelling in unison up the freeway is something to behold, as well as an awesome sound to hear. Spectators of the event have been seen in the past to line the freeway and roads on the route of the Ride, as well as cramming onto the freeway overpasses. Cars have also been known to simply pull over to the side of the freeway to experience the spectacle.

People used to think that the sight and sound of a few thousand motorcyclists making their way into the city was awesome. With the now normal participation of around 5000 motorcyclists making their way through the Polly Pipe, it's an even more awesome sight and sound to behold indeed.

2017 Perth Bikers' Charity Ride Sub-Committee

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