Welcome to the Bikes Unlimited (Inc.) website for the Perth Bikers' Charity Ride, in aid of the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal.


Apologies to those who look to this page for Perth Bikers' Charity Ride information, technical problems delayed the updating of our site. However, it is updated now and you will always find the latest up to date Charity Ride information by visiting our facebook page.


once again this year we shall be departing belmont park racecourse at 9.00AM, so please be there early to secure your spot, enjoy breakfast cooked by the 1st Waylen scouts, catch up with friends and listen to the band.

unfortunately, anyone arriving after 8.30am will have to park separately and join the end of the parade.

also THANKS SO very MUCH again to the BIKERS OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA, as we had an absolutely fantastic turnout last year with an estimated 2,300+ bikes and close to double the people in attendance for our first sunday 9.00am departure!


We would also like to extend a very very big thank you to Main Roads Western Australia who did an absolutely exemplary job and without their assistance the event would not have been possible this year. The tireless efforts and understanding of some key Main Roads WA staff was instrumental in the success of the event.

Also a big thanks to HBF Arena for providing an exceptional destination venue.

*    The Perth Bikers' Charity Ride is not just for clubs.
*    There is no entry fee and it  is open to all motorcyclists.
*    The only pre-requisites are that every participant must be on a motorcycle
      and that you be bearing a gift for the
Salvation Army Christmas Appeal.

Please contact either Bandit - email - Mob 0411 231 985 or David - email - Mob. 0406 170 810, if you would like more information in relation to the Perth Bikers' Charity Ride.

Please note that the organisers of this event volunteer their own time and money to make this event happen. There are no corporate sponsorships and every gift donated by the participants of this event is given "directly" to the  Salvation Army in support of their Annual Christmas Appeal.

So there are no "part proceeds" all donations go directly to the Salvos, as it should be!
Bands will again be playing for your entertainment at both Belmont and HBF Arena again this year, so make sure you get to the start so you can hear the Filthy Habitz Oz and stay at the finish to hear Clincher. We will also endeavour to get more vendors and kids activities going on during the afternoon.

The name
"Perth Bikers' Charity Ride" is a registered name and its sole intended use is for the Annual Perth Bikers' Charity Ride®, organized and managed by -

Bikes Unlimited (Inc.),
P.O. Box 863,
Balcatta WA 6194.

Use of the name Perth Bikers' Charity Rides for any other purpose or event is regarded as offensive and disrespectful to this worthwhile event and the motorcyclists of Perth.

Please note that for insurance and safety reasons, any motorcycles with trailers intending to join the ride, will not be able to  be in the main body of motorcycles and will have to ride at the back of the whole procession.

Please also note that motorcycles less than 50cc are NOT allowed on the freeway and you MUST be able to comfortably maintain a speed of AT LEAST 100 km/h tO participate on the ride.