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The 40th Annual Perth Bikers Charity


This year is the 40th Annual Perth Bikers' Charity Ride, so will once again leave from the car park at Belmont Park Racecourse, adjacent to Goodwood Parade!

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Contact Bikes Unlimited via one of the following email addresses if you would like to attend the BBQ,
David - email - Mob. 0406 170 810 or Bandit - email - Mob 0411 231 985

Thanks to everyone who attended the 2014 Perth Bikers’ Charity Ride
__and congratulations for making it one of the smoothest running ever! 
  The Salvos van was bulging when it left, so a great effort once more!
Thanks to Ozbiker for covering the event again!
Please be aware that this event is not just for clubs.
There is no entry fee to this event and it  is open to all people.
The only pre-requisites are that every participant must be on a motorcycle
and that you be bearing a gift for the
Salvation Army Christmas Appeal.
The organisers of this event volunteer their own time and money to make this event happen.
There are no corporate sponsorships and every gift donated by the participants of this event is given
"directly" to the  Salvation Army in support of their Annual Christmas Appeal.
So, unlike other events, there are no "part proceeds" it is all for them.
Start Point:
Starting from
the Belmont Park Racecourse car park and
leaving at
11am SHARP!!!! Saturday Dec 5th.
Travelling to the Shenton Ave freeway exit and concluding at
the Arena, Joondalup.
(be early in order to secure a good spot,
entry to to the main group closes at 10.30am,
all latecomers will be directed to a separate car park from where they will join the very end of the procession) 
This event is not conducted for profit or personal gain by any parties whatsoever and
nor does it have any associated political agendas.
All individuals involved in the organisation of this event are volunteers who want to
help those less fortunate. Our audited books are always open for scrutiny.
Individuals and/or groups who wish to try to push their opinions and/or agendas through
symbolism or any other means at this event are encouraged not to attempt to do so and
will be instructed to leave if they do.

The Perth Biker’s Charity Ride is 40 years old in 2015 and is the longest running motorcycle charity event in Australia.

The first ride was in 1975 when around 40 members of Bikes Unlimited rode to Sister Kate’s Orphanage with toys for the kids,
who weren’t there because they’d been sent to people’s homes for Christmas.

So in 1976 with a few more riders, Bikes Unlimited took their gifts to the Salvation Army.
This tradition has carried on ever since and the event will have been providing much needed and appreciated donations
to the Salvation Army for 40 years in 2015.

Every year on the first Saturday of December, thousands of motorcyclists now gather together in Belmont, some dressed up,
others with their bikes dressed up and others again doing both, then set off to Arena Joondalup with all their gifts for the Salvos.

The Salvos gladly receive the gifts that include monetary donations and load their truck full of non-perishable foods or quality blankets, clothes and toys.
Over 40 years this event has provided over $2 million in donations. The event is still organised by Bikes Unlimited (Inc.) with help from volunteers who
are friends and/or fellow motorcyclists. The donations are donated directly to the Salvos, so there are no part proceeds like most other charity events.

2015 the Perth Biker’s Charity Ride will once again start from the popular Belmont Park Racecourse car park,
the riders
leaving at 11.00am SHARP!
With Santa in the lead and the Police escorting him,
the ride proceeds out of Belmont Park Racecourse car park, over the freeway bridge and guided from the on ramp across into the right lane, heading up the Graham Farmer Freeway Northand then continue up the Mitchell Freeway to Shenton Avenue
where they’ll get off and ride straight into the Arena Joondalup.
There they will fill up the main oval and hand over their donations to the Salvos.

Look for the posters in your local bike shop, or visit the website at
or visit our Facebook page at

The name
"Perth Bikers' Charity Ride" is a registered name,
it's sole intended use is for the Annual
Perth Bikers' Charity Ride®,
organized and managed by -

Bikes Unlimited (Inc.),
P.O. Box 863,
Balcatta WA 6194.
 Use of this name for any other purpose or event is regarded as offensive and disrespectful to this worthwhile event.

***** Please note that for insurance and safety reasons, any motorcycles with trailers intending to join the ride *****
***** will not be able to  be in the main body of motorcycles and will have to ride at the back of the whole parade. *****
***** Please also note that motorcycles less than 50cc are NOT allowed on the freeway. *****
***** You MUST be able to comfortably maintain a speed of at least 100 km/h too. *****